Yellow Split Peas Halwa/Fudge

Making this rich, velvety, amber hued Halwa/Fudge will require your utmost patience. It will ask you to stir until your hands get numb. But the end result is worth the pain. If you’ve tried just one bite, the pain will hide, deep inside. And the sweet aftertaste will leave you somewhere, swinging in the spring air.


বুটের ডালের হালুয়া. Split Yellow Peas Halwa. Sweeeeeet :)



Split yellow lentil/peas 2 cups ( Available in Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Shrilankan groceries)
Whole milk or full cream milk 4 cup
Bay leaves 2 pieces
Cinnamon 1 stick
Sugar 1 cup
Ghee 1 cup and some more for frying ( Available in Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani groceries)
Ground cardamom 2 generous pinches



* Wash lentils until water runs clean. Soak for a few hours.
* Boil lentil with milk. liquid will evaporate leaving the lentils soft and moist.
*Blend lentil in a blender or food processor. If it feels too tight, keep on adding milk little by little as you go.
* In a large, wide nonstick pan, on medium-low heat, add Ghee, bay leaves and cinnamon. In a minute ghee will smell fantastic. Now add lentil paste and sugar.
*Keep stirring continuously for about 45 minutes to an hour. Add 1 tbsp Ghee when you reach half time.  In the end, the mixture will look and feel silky, smooth. It will leave the sides of the pan.

*Sprinkle ground cardamom now. Discard bay leaves and cinnamon stick.
*Spread the Halwa in a flat, greased platter. Garnish with toasted chopped nuts, raisins if you want.
* You may use a cookie cutter to give the Halwa various shapes and sizes while its still warm.
* Can be refrigerated for 10 days.


Yellow Split Pea Halwa...বুটের হালুয়া

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