Lal Mohon aka Gulab Jamun: A sensory bombardment

Countless snow flurries are falling soundlessly. Mother nature gets grey and as dry as the Sahara. Winter windchill enters her bloodstream and she feels a sense of resignation, fear … when the sense of hibernation is that strong, that deep, that long-lasting and that huge, why not celebrate light ! Why not feast with sweets against the darkness of Winter!


Ricotta Fudge .

To wade off Winter’s chill, if you’re in the pursuit of some antidote, some drug to saturate your palate; something that can melt you, thaw you out and untangle you …. Try Ricotta Fudge. Or, try Lal Mohon which is also known as Gulab Jamun in South Asia. Your spirits will kindle!


Lal Mohon is a love-drug ♥ Totally. These twinkling beauties are constantly beckoning for you to come closer to her mystery, sink deeper. Their tender, rose-petal softness invites a finger’s touch.

There is so much sweetness, softness, happiness, beauty and bliss in those tiny, cute, juicy balls! Pop one in your mouth, let it explode in your throat and you’ll feel an unbelievable amount of glee traveling down to your tummy!



For making balls:

Full cream milk powder 1 cup
All purpose flour 1 tbsp
Baking powder 1/4 tsp
Ghee (clarified butter) or vegetable oil 1 tsp
Milk or water 3 tbsp
Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp

For making syrup:

Sugar 1 cup
Water 2 cups
Cardamoms 4 pcs
Rose water 2 tsp

For deep frying:

Oil or clarified butter (ghee)



Stage 1:

1. Mix well flour, baking powder, milk powder, cardamom powder.
2. Add Ghee and liquid milk. Make soft but sticky dough.
3. Make 1″ balls. About 12 balls. Make sure there’s no crack on the surface of the balls.
4. Heat oil/Ghee over medium heat for at least 5 minutes. Reduce heat. Lightly fry balls in batches until they turn reddish brown. Heat should be same all the way through. After frying for 7-8 minutes, balls will float and expand in size. Drain balls, place on paper towel.

Stage 2:
1. Make simple syrup by mixing and cooking water plus sugar. Add cardamoms. Reduce heat. Throw fried balls.
2. Cook for 3-4 minutes in medium heat. Add couple of drops rose water for a little exotic kick. Stop cooking.
3. Let the balls soak in the flavored syrup for 3 hours.

Serve as dessert or evening snack. A cup of tea would nicely go alongside. Fresh, warm dumplings are better, but chilled ones is a perfectly good option for that pleasant chillness instantly will warm up, ignite your heart.



This is the kind of taste that lasts for a lifetime! It has this amazing power to bring your shattered, tired, frozen self back to life. And that light-airy-velvety-sunny-sweet aftertaste will leave your tongue comfortably numb ♥


92 Comments on “Lal Mohon aka Gulab Jamun: A sensory bombardment

  1. Thanks for presenting one of the most loved desserts in our country in such a way that it makes us proud. This milk solid based delicacy certainly deserves its place in the global culinary stage. And you cooked them to perfection I just want to dive in………….:)

    • How happy I am to have your presence here! Adore your photography! Many thanks for such an adorable comment, dear Upol.

  2. thank you so much for such a nice write up. but unfortunately it’s on my prohibited list due to health reasons. but I always like your ways of expression and excellent photo works. keep it up …………..

    • That means a lot coming from a great cook and a dear friend of mine. I actually followed your Mom-in-law’s recipe. Give thanks to her for me, please. Hugs.

  3. Nusrat, your pictures are always amazing and source of my inspiration. I have been missing you and your post for a very long time. Looks like you craft them with care and picture them with love. Good job my friend and I love it!!! May Allah bless you with all success and happiness.

    • Thank you, sweetheart. Your presence, your warmth, your smile and your extremely humble-positive personality inspire me a lot. Everyday. Love you. God bless.

  4. looks mouthwatering…i am going to make these very soon….the recipe seems really easy…thanks for sharing this… ❤ 😀

    • Let me know how your version went. Glad that you find the recipe ‘easy’. It was truly uncomplicated for me too. Hugs.

  5. OMG!! Can’t wait to try this recipe!! Thanks a lot for sharing. You are my inspiration ❤

    • Thank you, sweetheart 🙂 Do try it. It’s a fail-proof recipe. Even a disaster-prone cook like myself pulled it off ok 🙂

    • You’ve made my day. Beautiful words. Thank you. You’re the cake queen and I’m a die-hard fan of your cake creations.

    • Thank you for letting me know about your liking for the sweets 🙂 They have only one job on earth: to make your life sweeeeeeeet 🙂

    • Try soon. Turn an ordinary weeknight into a romantic datenight 🙂 Thank you so very much for stopping by, dearie. Hugs. Kisses.

  6. Lalmohon,as mentioned the love drug, has always been one of my most favourite sweets. It’s was a treat for my tummy so far…your photographs made those sweetballs treat for the eyes as well.thank you for glorifying the sweet so beautifully…you always do:*

    • I longed for showcasing Lal Mohon for ages! Happy to know that you liked it. My heartfelt ‘thanks’ to you for dropping those sweet words. Hugs.

  7. Nusrat:
    Gulab jamon is my favorite Indian dessert. These balls are pure bliss, an explosion of flavor in the mouth. You have no idea how happy I am to have this recipe…I can finally make gulab jamon at home! Yay!!!

    • This is the easiest recipe for Lal Mohon ever! And it guarantees for no kitchen disaster 🙂 Do let me know how your endeavor went. And thanks a ton for stopping by. Hugs.

    • Good thing, the recipe is super easy to execute. Give it a go once a month, you’ll fall in love over and over again 🙂 Enchanted to see you here, Your Highness! God bless.

  8. I’ve had these little beauties before, but never made them. They’re wonderful! Definitely a love drug. 😉 Super post — thanks.

    • Thank YOU, dear John for taking time in reading the post. Hope you give them a try soon and I bet Mrs. KR would go intoxicated in a wink 🙂

  9. Wonderstruck at this fabulous post …the perfect syrupy Gulabjamuns ..the captivating photographs and the interesting narrative …Nusrat ,one is at a loss of words to compliment you .

    • OMG! That is a HUGE compliment! How sweet of you, dear Alka! Your presence is a blessing and my blog is blessed today to have you come by ❤

  10. My darling friend, I’m debating in my mind if this tops all the love I have for sweets. Yes, it is. It is a pleasure. I need one right now. Seriously, the pictures are just amazing. I am not one bit ashamed to say that I don’t make good gulab jamuns at all. We have a plan, you make some when we meet. Love you my girl.

    • Love you too, darl ❤ I'd do anything possible for you, if you visit me and be my guest …. as long as you want. My heartfelt thanks for stopping by. Hugs ❤

  11. No celebration is complete without Gulab Jamun! I’m lazy and always take advantage of ready mix for making jamuns, must try making the dough at home 🙂

  12. The loveliest treat that could happen to anyone ever! Did you find one for Black Jamun? (আচ্ছা, এটাকে বাংলাতে তো আমরা ‘লাল মোহন’ বা ‘গোলাপজাম’ বলি। এক্ষেত্রে দুটো প্রশ্ন আপু। ১. লাল মোহনের ইংরেজী কি Gulab Jamun? 2. যদি তাই হয়, তাহলে ’জাম’ এর ইংরেজী ‘Jamun’ কেন? Why not ‘Jaam?’ I was wondering…. :/

    • যাহা বাংলাদেশে লাল মোহন তাহা ভারত দেশে গুলাব জামুন। বুঝলে হে? 🙂 শুভেচ্ছা নিও, দোয়া নিও। ধন্যবাদ নিও।

  13. বলার মত কিছুই খুজেই পাচ্ছি না আপু শুধু এতটুকু বলবো আপনি অঅঅঅঅঅঅঅঅঅঅস্বাধারন ❤ ❤ ❤ ভালো থাকুন, খুব ভালো ^_^ :*

  14. I’m sorry to hear it’s been so cold in your part of the world. We are just fine here although our summer has been cooler than usual. I do love the look of your balls – they almost look like little mandarins. They are a very cheerful colour on your grey, bleak days xx

  15. পিঁপড়ার সমান হয়ে যদি এখানে সাঁতার কাটতে পারতাম, মনে অনেক আনন্দ লাগতো!! ‘অবশ্যই বানাবো’ এর লিস্টের এখন এক নম্বরে এটি…!! আপনার ছবি গুলো ব্যাপক অনুপ্রেরনাদায়ক!! ভাল থাকবেন প্রিয় ‘মধুমিষ্টি’ নুসরাত আপু!!

    • উরি আল্লাহ্‌! কী সুন্দর করে কথা বলে আমার ছোট্ট আপুনিটা ❤ অনেক অনেক আদর আর দোয়া রইল। ২০১৫ সুখে, আনন্দে, নিরাপদে কাটুক তোমার ❤

  16. কোনো সময় দ্বীপান্তর দন্ড পেলে কর্তৃপক্ষের কাছে একটা ট্যাবের জন্য অনুরোধ করবো যাতে আপনার ব্লগে ঢু মেরে প্রিয় খাবারগুলোর ছবি দেখতে পারি

  17. Simply awesome sweets ! I love Lalmohan as well as Swandesh. Great !!! (y)

    • Thanks a bunch, sweety ❤ I was super excited seeing those sweet balls came out pretty good without any kitchen-catastrophe 🙂

  18. Just awesome. Thank you for sharing delectable and mouth watering nice recipe!!!!

  19. wow apu… wish i could have a chance to taste these awesome stuffs u come up with now and then… keep soothing our eyes more with these awesome foods… 🙂

  20. স্বাদের বর্ণনা ধ্বংসাত্মক! চেখে দেখার উপায় কী? 😦
    আর বরাবরের মতই মিষ্টির চেয়ে ছবি বেশি মিষ্টি। 😀
    প্রথম ছবিটা কিসের? সন্দেশ?

    • সন্দেশ 🙂 নিজে বানিয়ে নিন না। রেসিপি তো চরম সহজ-সরল। ধন্যবাদ ব্লগে আসার জন্য।

  21. Oh my goodness, Nusrat, you’ve done it again! You transported me from bleak mid-winter (without snow, thankfully, although there’s talk of some forthcoming) into Springtime bliss and beyond. I love it when food does that… when writing and photos do that… when YOU do that! xoxo

    • Are you going to kill me with your kindness?! No kidding! I almost had a heart attack as soon as I read through your words! Thank you for all your love, kindness, warm presence. May you always find light in the hours of darkness. God bless.

  22. I love Gulab Jamun! Such an interesting sound — kind of like a squeak! — when you bite into it. Never made it, though — I really must someday. Terrific recipe, outstanding pictures and post. Thanks!

    • Hi John, do try it and you’ll see the difference between the store bought ones and the home made version 🙂 Thank you for those confidence-boosting words!

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