Mango Chutney

May you burn and rot in Hell-fire! May the Almighty hang you upside down and skin you alive in public!!

 _ Here comes my muttered flurry of curse, with pain and disgust exploding in my heart, towards the young Arab guy every time he greeted me with his booming voice and crazy eyes. He was a total stranger I worked with at a security company as ‘student control room operator’. Night shifts. Just two of us. And he successfully made my life a living hell keeping my agony alive and well.


I have twenty million reasons to dislike this awkward slash highly unlikable guy. He sounds rude, looks rowdy, talks outrageously inappropriate in his random chit-chats. To fill in the impenetrable silence and emptiness between us, he would brag in detail about how thunderously ‘chicks/female species’ would succumb to his eccentric bohemian charm! (How utterly charming! How I wish to borrow Devil’s fork to poke this pathological flirt all over and watch his body twitch uncontrollably!)


He would sit with his chest puffed out, hair spiked bolt-upright in a despicable manner that screamed for attention! (But the narcissist buffoon was never able to make me swoon. Fiercely ‘modern’ guys like this specimen are so undatable, so-not-marriage-material, I tell you!)


Mango Chutney bread slice

Every morning before wrapping up, without offering him a single morsel, without acknowledging his presence, I would spread some devilishly tasty, lustrous Mango Chutney immaculately on a slice of bread. Sweet, a little tart, mildly spicy chutney would hit the right spots and I’d get lost into my wildest dreams, ultimate fantasy: in hell that fella is getting whipped hard by Arnold Schwarzenegger. And his evil tongue got twisted backward. And he got bitten by an Anaconda and declared spot dead by the reporting angels. ( How insanely nice would it be to watch his corpse half-buried upside down with his legs in the air!) .

I’m snapped back to present by the scoundrel’s nasty gurgly slurp of coffee followed by humongous burps! How I hate the fact that he exists but how I murderously adore my captivating craving for ‘Mango Chutney breakfast revenge’! .

His raven-black, voodoo presence chokes me, makes me feel like a dead wood drifting downstream. He is like a treacherous chunk of cloud curtaining my windows from letting in rays of the sun. I prayed hard for an exit as I’m caught in a spider web; stuck, froze-up in a dark, dingy dungeon; trapped in an unknown bottomless pit where there was no swimming forward or backward. I’m too much in love with this job to let it go just because of him. Was it worth shedding tears for countless hours over a guy who I hate to look in the eye? – Absolutely! A full year of soaking in his evil energies later, my prayers were heard and answered. We were informed that due to recent recession one of the student-operators will be laid-off and they will decide today who that would be. The infidel bum-hole Arab dude right away stepped aside and said, “I’m ready to resign”, sticking his pinky finger in a circular motion into his ear hole.


He left quietly. I was busy watching the snowflakes bouncing off the Eucalyptus leaves like popcorn. Let it snow.


That year the winter arrived with the harshest blizzards knocking off strong trunks of Maple and Mahoganies, burring Lilies and Lilac bushes deep into snowdrifts. The hit was hard to take. My devastated body collapsed due to extra workload all night long, rising pressure from classes and field works all day long, home works and researches all evening long. My heart and soul shuttled back and forth between life and death. Thankfully my Indonesian roommate was there to revive me. .


Spring came alive. Pastel gardens went crazy with flowers and butterflies in bursting color and hue. With smoke-like sweet scented mist hovering from the towering trees, my dreams kept growing. I got promoted at work. Found a better place to live in.  In reply to my sincerest goodbye thanks, my roommate smiled, “Give thanks your jobless ex-colleague who brought you home cooked fresh food every single day including that massive Mango Chutney jar.”


Mango Chutney cprt


Suddenly the sun turned lightless and grey again, blowing foggy wind chills frosting my soul, deadening and hushing my heartbeats. Brightly blazed Daffodils beneath the hills died out in a wink. I kept on dialing his number to thank him but that number, by then, was inactive, unreachable and as silent as a dead shore where water never meets the land.


3 tablespoons grated fresh ginger

1 clove garlic, minced

Pinch of cumin seeds

2 green chilies or 1 tbsp crush red chili flakes

4 mangoes, peeled, pitted, and chopped (4 cups)

1/3 cup sugar

2 teaspoons salt

1/2 cup white vinegar

1/3 cup water

2 tbsp Mustard oil/vegetable oil


Heat just a little trace of oil.  Sauté first four ingredients until they release fragrance. Add mango chunks. Add vinegar and water. Over medium heat, cook them down to a smooth density. Cook about an hour.

To mediate the spice and hit, add sugar and salt towards the end.

What emerges is an eye-soothing glaring amber colored satiny, soulful substance with delightful tastes synchronizing in it.

Allow the chutney to cool. Store in glass jars in the refrigerator up to six months.

Serve this luxuriant chutney with bread, rice, baked/fried fish, meat, fritters; should you care to invoke pure splendor and bliss in your lungs and taste buds.

Mango chutney builds tastes that you would want to keep going back to as long as you can. It’s a ravenous relief from store-bought jam/jelly boredom.


– A total stranger who I had no strings attached with whatsoever, stepped into the quicksand so that I stay safe in the oasis. The beautiful stranger with beams of blue flickering through his eyes, chose to climb a nameless, starless, slippery staircase barefoot (as lovers often do) which leads nowhere leaving behind a lantern casting soft halos of light for me to ignite my hopes, to fix my life.


Ever since my ungrateful, ignorant, infidel, thankless, judgmental heart stopped breathing. How can I breathe knowing there’s a debt on my chest that is heavier than the Himalayas?



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    • Thanks a bunch, dear dessert-queen, for visiting 🙂
      He deserves a HUGE thanks from me but he is nowhere to be found. He disappeared without a trace 😦

    • অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ সময় নিয়ে এখানে এসেছেন বলে 🙂 আপনার দোয়ায় এবার খানাদানার ফটোগ্রাফিতে আমার নুবেল প্রাইজ অর্জন কেউ ঠেকায়ে রাখতে পারবে না 😀

  1. Such people are horrible and ever so toxic. I understand the way you feel.

    Your chutney looks and sounds amazing! An exquisite treat. Perfect when spead on fresh homemade bread.

    Great job with the pictures! They are lovely.



  2. Mouthwatering!!!! As usual very nice and colorful post. I’m sure its yummy too 🙂

  3. All your photographs are outstanding :). colour, compostion, backgraound all are mind blowing 🙂

  4. I am a little bit confused,which one is better??A heart-watering writing or mouth-watering(at least by the look) chutney…it’s a matter of regret um not gonna let my hand on it 😦 u know girl,sky iz the limit…cheers….

  5. Each and every Photograph here is Amazing..cant explain really how much it mesmerise me by ur Food pics..those are really Superb..and with ur Food recipe this is too much Great..! of luck for future works..:)

  6. Great story! Nicely written. And super recipe – I love mango anything, but chutney is one of my faves. Good pictures – particularly like one with the flowers and Dan Brown book. Nice composition and lighting.

    • OMG! I almost had a heart attack receiving that many compliments! Stay exactly the way you are, dear John 🙂 By the way, what happened to the photography crash course that you were about to give me? 🙂

      Kidding 🙂 Thanks for being here. Love.

  7. Hi there I am a big time food lover and I like to try all kind of food , basically I love hot n spicy food but it doesn’t mean I can’t eat anything else. Food is my passion and love that’s why I am always with this blog of page which I like n fall in love. I had only problem with this page the food n the presentation is so good I never dream to touch or make a mess with any post. It’s just an art and the artist I salute her.Presentation and preparation is so well balance I can’t explain it by word if you all ask me how much I will rate out of 10 I have to be honest I will gv 9.5 cause .50 I will keep for future when I see more photo with hot and spicy food than I will add that. Thanks once again.

    • Thanks for making my day with this honest and kind compliment of yours 🙂 I sure will include ‘spicy’ stuff in my blog in near future. And thanks a bunch for the cute rating 😀

  8. Why you are so awesome shuborna ….???? mind-blowing posts, photos .. everything ….and of course i will try this recipe … thanks a lot…………. a big hug and a lot of ❤ for u…………..

    • Hugs back 🙂

      Don’t you try to suffocate me now with your super sweet words 🙂 Loads of love for dropping those gorgeous words for me. (Let me know how the recipe worked for you)

    • Thanks for reading, sweetheart 🙂 Make your own mango chutney and freeze it up to six months. And you’ll start enjoying your midnight ‘খাম খাম’ cravings 🙂

  9. That second photo from the top is a piece of art. As always, your photos are fresh and beautiful and very tastefully put together. And of course, the stories add the life to them.

    • Here comes my favorite living poetess along with her rainbow-words 🙂

      Thanks a billion for those heart-warming compliments 🙂

  10. This was such a wonderful post, Nusrat. WIth its well-written prose, stunning photography, and wonderful recipe, it really was a pleasure to read. I’l forget about that “scoundrel” but I will remember your chutney. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    • So, um, ok, you are planning to kill me with your kindness?! 🙂
      You know what, kind and sweet people like yourself are the awesomest ones and I adore their presence on my humble, novice blog 🙂

  11. Well, the writing is reviving. But don’t know if it’s a coincidence. As I was looking at the beeeauutifuuuul photos, I was listening to ‘bhenge mor ghorer chabi,’ and some of the words of the song are just appropriate for them: ‘bujhiba ful futeche, shur utheche, arun binar tare tare’. thank you so much for brightening up my dull and gray day and mood!

    • Thank YOU, Sunny, for bringing your sunshine-y self here and leaving such a lovely note!
      Happy to know that my post was able to send you some ‘cheer-up’ vibes 🙂

      Hugs and tons of love. Please stick around.

    • That means a lot coming from an awesome photographer like you; many thanks for visiting and dropping this inspiring note. I’m a BIG fan of your photography, dear Beth 🙂

      And yes, I have this intense passion for blending flowers into food photography 🙂

  12. ফুড ফটোগ্রাফি বলে কিছু আছে, আপনার সৃষ্টিগুলো দেখে শিখা। অসাধারন বললে কম বলা হয়……

    • ঈশ, কী সুন্দর করে বললেন ! মন ভরে গেল 🙂 অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ নিন সময় নিয়ে ছবিগুলো দেখার জন্য।

  13. wow! i’ll definitely try that mango a big fan of chutneys 🙂 and tell you what!you really write good 😀

  14. Beautiful images!! Yummy recipe!! & very interesting stories 🙂 Love the way you present it. Great work 🙂

    • My fav dessert-king ! Someday I’ll rob your fridge because you stuff all your exotic sweet treats in it, right? 🙂
      Many thanks for stopping by. Love.

  15. অপূর্ব খাদ্যচিত্রের পাশাপাশি অসাধারন গল্পের ইন্দ্রজাল ! আপনি পরাবাস্তব সম্মোহনকারী !

    • কি যে বলেন না বলেন! আবার ধন্যবাদ না দিয়েও পারি না !
      অনেক অনেক শুভেচ্ছা আর দোয়া 🙂


    • You are the most unpretentious human when it comes to complimenting others 🙂
      Thanks, hon, for coming over and dropping these lovely words for me.

    • Your gorgeous posts, incredible pictures deserve nice words. They are that GOOD and GORGEOUS 🙂

      Thanks much for leaving some soothing, soft words on my way, dear Denise 🙂

  17. You outdid urself this time! Beautifully written and it captured ur readers imagination as well:)))
    I have never had mango chutney with bread….but now I am craving for some sweet and tangy mango chutney!

    • Shall I fedex you some chutney? 🙂 – You should spread it on a slice of toasted french bread or artisan bread. Man! Then you’ll know what I’m talking about 🙂
      Happy to have you come by, dear friend.

  18. Excellent photography. Liked the recipe. Hopefully i will try to make it. Once again i am totally impressed by the photography and the whole presentation.

  19. Amazing photos, and equally well written story. Thanks for sharing! I am thankful to people like you who still have the sense of taking time to be creative and go beyond those, who are lazy and contentd with bare minimum. Stay decorative! 🙂

    • You are the wizard of words and you sure know how to win someone’s heart in a wink with your mesmerizing words 🙂

      Happy to have you come by. Tons of love.

  20. ami khabo 😦 ………… eibar jodi na banaisi 😦 bistarito bananir por janabo 🙂

  21. ছবিগুলো শুধুমাত্র খাবার নয়; যেন একটা ছন্দময় সুর। বিশেষ করে আম (Mango) কাটার ধরণটা আমার খুবই পছন্দ হয়েছে। আমি নিশ্চিত, ঢাকায় এসে যদি একটা রেস্টুরেন্ট খুলেন, চরম লাভ হবে।

    • Glad you liked my আমকাটার ধরণ 🙂 অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ সময় নিয়ে পোস্ট পড়ার ও ছবি দেখার জন্য, সাগর 🙂

  22. The way you write almost transports us to where you are what you feel, that is a true gift. Apart from that God has given you a precious asset of food and making it look beautiful. I love love the pictures and especially the one with the guitar. The recipe is beautiful. I love sweet and sour things, so one is right up my alley.
    I would stick a dagger in his throat, was my first response, but as I read on I realized ..your friend was right…But Nusrat, you know the best part, you wrote beautifully pouring out your thoughts and you’ve achieved freedom from all the sour’re free.

    • I’m free but still I’m carrying around a debt for the last 10 years. Wish I could say just once, “Thank You” and walk away. If I stay a few seconds longer with him for a little catch-up, I’m sure he’ll hit on me 🙂 OMG 😀

      Lovely to have your precious thoughts and compliments, Beautiful 🙂

      Tons of love and a BIG, tight hug. Take care of your precious self.

  23. This is not fair Apu. Your lovely photos always insist me to eat more and gain weights (and work less) 😛

    • Your Excellency, how beautifully, precisely you’ve just summarized my ‘reflection story’ 🙂 And that’s why exchanging warm wishes and positive vibes with you is so much fun.
      It’s always a pleasure having you come by, Your Highness 🙂

  24. Amazing photography n written story just loved ❤ it. All photos are wonderful!!! I will try this recipe,thanks 🙂

  25. I shouldn’t have read and viewed this before having breakfast. Now I’m in trouble. I’ll be thinking of your mango chutney all day long! Your photos beckon, Nusrat, and your story captivating. So, so glad I found your blog!

    • Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by! Can’t wait to take a morning walk at your ‘novice garden’ 🙂 Thanks much for the kind, soft words 🙂

  26. I was awaiting for you new blog-post! 😀 Great story though could not be able to read it till the end. Sorry about that. And I have some bitter expariecne with Arab guys too, they have some big issues! Anyway, I was stunned again seeing your photos, was looking at those several times! and this is for you :

  27. I love your mango chutney.I love your photography ! I love you my friend & I just love the way you write ! U r amazing !!

    • Love you too, my darling, for you always sway and swing my heart with joy and happiness 🙂
      Thanks a coming by with your kind words. Love and hugs.

  28. Chutney is my favourite food enhancer of all !! with a little of chutney I can even eat big dry Naan Rotis !! and if its Mango flavour …. my my … my tongue is watering like the Niagara falls !!! I want to steal your jar of Mango chutney !!!!! 😀 Though Inferno is not even near to Angels & Demons … its a good read 😀 Dan Brown is an awesome!! 😀 and that guitar … too sexy … thats a photo that make U crave to take just the same photo, no improvising no new touch … just exactly that same frame and that same composition !!

    I’ve commented, praised enough about your photography and cooking … but never actually commented on your writings …. this time .. I’m commenting on your writing … U know what … U should start write a Novel…. trust me … U should !! When I started reading this one, I automatically assumed an ending …. BUT .. I was too surprised and mesmerized reading it up to the end … Awesome dear .. simply awesome … 😀

    Love a lot … and simply loving the chutney !! 😀

  29. As Voltaire rightly said, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”
    Fact or fiction, the story mingles perfectly with ‘Chutney’! And the photography! Simply awesome!
    I can bet a dinner at a five star facility to a roadside phoochka treat, that another award is on the way for Suborna! Keep it up, you are truly adorable ! 😊

    • Glad that you enjoyed the post 🙂
      And thanks a ton for making my soul dance with your beautiful, sunshine-y presence.
      Glad that I have a well-versed well-wisher like yourself and I’m blessed to have you as my FRIEND who never fails to take my breath away with his joyful words 🙂

  30. surely i am going to try this because i just loooooooove mangoes and anything and everything that is made with mango……….love your work beautiful….. ❤

  31. Awesome. Cant hold my mouth water.. Its been very very long since i have tasted. 😦

  32. I can’t imagine what you must have had to put up with for over a year. But how fantastic that you didn’t walk away from your job – he left. What a win/win. And this is a gorgeous looking chutney – so full of colour. I worked for an absolute horror of a human being who did all she could to make my life hell. It was because she wanted me to walk away. I wouldn’t go on principle. Eventually, there was ‘a restructuring’ and I was let go. I left on the spot and have never looked back. I was so proud of myself for not turning to her and saying, ‘Look, this isn’t working out. How about I just finish up today’. After all she’d put me through I wasn’t going to make it that easy for her. xx

    • Thanks for sharing with story, dear Charlie 🙂 The annoying guy who I used to label ‘infidel’ saved/made my life ultimately. After all these years, I’m still pissed as he did not leave me a chance to thank him 🙂

  33. “তুমি কেমন করে গান করো হে গুনী” গানটির মত গুন গুন করতে ইচ্ছে করছে, ” তুমি কেমন করে সাজিয়ে তোলো এ ভূমি”!
    সামান্য চাটনি, (সামান্য বলছি দেখে আমার মুন্ডুপাত কোরোনা ডারলিং) :p কি করে তোমার হাতে পরে অপরুপা সাজে ফুটে উঠতে পারে তা তোমার কাছ থেকে শিখতে হয়। তুমি একদিন বেষ্ট ফুড ব্লগের মুকুট মাথায় পড়বে ইন শা আল্লাহ! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • এইসব কথা বলে বিশ্ববাসীর সামনে প্রকাশ্য দিবালোকে আমাকে লজ্জা দেবার জন্য তুমি আবার আসছ?!
      দোয়া, শুভেচ্ছার জন্য ধন্যবাদ। তোমার শেষ বাক্যটি একদিন সত্যে রূপান্তরিত হলেও আমি খুশি, না হলেও খুশি।
      তুমি শুধু পাশে থেক, প্রিয়তমে, তাহলেই হবে 🙂 😀

  34. I can stop loveing Mango and chutney when mango grows on a banana tree. 😦
    Awesome presentation 🙂

  35. Hi Suborna, as always really love the way you describe your effort, every now and than when I go out for an Indian meal the first thing I’ll ask for is a few popadoms with all the dips (Salad, Mango Chutney, Mint Sauce)..
    Well I used to love dipping my popadom into the mango chutney but over the years it really has become tasteless as the main reason being its blandness. I really like the sound of spiced up mango chutney will try it out 🙂 ❤ Thank you for that Suborna 🙂

    • Hello Kabir, glad that you’re inspired to try my recipe 🙂 Let me know how it went. And its always a pleasure to have you come by.

  36. This story gave me goosebumps… often it happens that you meet people who pay you with kindness that is not shared by their eyes or their body….just deeds that are so often so late…..

    And the clicks….foodporn at its best!

    • Hi Minnie, nice to see you here! Thanks very much for delivering the truth about KINDNESS. You said it right: often time we horribly judge people based on their outer self. But deep down they are so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful.
      Loved the label “foodporn” 😀

  37. ossadharon………apu……osomvob sundor pic… 🙂 ami tomar student hote chai.. 🙂 plzzzz apu..

  38. Got my attention… what a story! Some folks make it difficult to see the good, but it’s there if you look, even if it’s years later. I also liked your “chutney with guitar” photo. So much more interesting to look at than a bland background, and the chutney is still the star of the photo.

    • I’m honored to get your attention, dear Kim. And I need to learn from you how to compliment people in the most heartfelt way 🙂

      Thanks a bunch for visiting.

  39. Yum, yum, yum!! I love mango chutney! You have such beautiful pictures- especially that last one! Now I want to bake some fresh bread and make mango chutney 🙂

  40. অপূর্ব শিল্পকর্ম! আমায় কখনো দাওয়াত দিওনা ভাই!
    এই শিল্পকর্ম খাবার মত শক্ত হৃদয় আমার নাই।

    • ঠিকাছে, আপনি আসলে আমার বর রান্না করবে 🙂 সে আমার চেয়ে হাজার গুন ভাল রাঁধে 🙂
      কষ্ট করে, সময় নিয়ে ব্লগে এসেছেন বলে অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ নিন, ভাইয়া। অনুপ্রাণিত হয়েছি।

    • OMG! I’m honored to have the Best food photographer of Bangladesh on my silly blog! That compliment means a lot…it means the world 🙂

      Many thanks for visiting.

  41. The definition of presentation has been changed from now.
    You are really very creative. I know how much dedication and love for work is needed to present something like these before us.

    I dont know how they taste or how heavenly they smell but all I can say they are dianamic enough to meet the expectations of anyone’s eyesight!

    May be this is called “love at first sight”!

    My all the very best wishes for you.

  42. যেমন চোখকে ক্ষুধার্ত করে ঠিক তেমনই করে নিজেকে 😀

  43. I read your post a couple of days back. Your story made me pause and think of all the people who had done right by me and how I never got to thank them. The only way I know how to thank them is to pay it forward. I try on most days to remember that thankfulness is a greatest Gift God bestows upon us.

    As usual your photographs are stunning.

  44. Marvelous, as usual! Here’s what we’ll do. You can bake our bread recipe and I’ll make the chutney . . . then we’ll have to figure out how to share.
    Can’t wait to try this one.

    • Thanks for the marvelous idea! Although I’ll create a scandalous blunder replicating your flawless breads 🙂

      Thanks a ton for bringing your lovely self here. Hugs.

  45. Since moving back from the UK several years ago I have been looking for a good mango chutney. I guess I have found it with your recipe. I will be making it soon. You were so kind to compliment my photos when you stopped by my blog and I am happy to return it. Your photos are just beautiful.

  46. Beautiful golden chutney. Sometimes you just need to block these kind of people out of your mind as if though they don’t exist otherwise they win and they don’t deserve that.

  47. Love the presentation, picture and most of all “The Chutney”. You are my favorite ❤

  48. Thank u so much for ur Beautiful yellow mango chutny, Go ahead food queen.!

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  50. I can tell you have put in a great deal of thought and effort into the content and aesthetics of this write up.Good job!By The way I love both Arab men and spicy mango chutney….:).

  51. Awesome photographs and a beautifully written story to think about. And your suggestions to have mango chutney along with a croissant is incredibly appealing – I have known it only as a side dish with curries so far. Thanks for the inspiration (and for your lovely comment on our blog as well)!

    • Aren’t you sweet and kind ! Appreciate your lovely comment. Thanks for liking my post which led me to visit your beautiful blog. And I’m glad I did 🙂

  52. What a beautiful story, Nusrat! Your mango chutney looks so delicious. I wish I didn’t become mango allergy this summer. It’s the worst thing that could happen, seriously! I want to eat off from the jar.. 🙂

    • Sorry to hear about the allergies, dear. Hope next year it goes away and you get to try Mango Chutney as much as you want 🙂

      Thanks a bunch for your lovely compliment.

  53. Oao !!! Awesome effort !!… Really I have no words more than 3 words ” A classic overview ” !!

  54. have you considered writing too? One gifted woman! Cannot find any flaws in your blog!

    • Thanks! OMG! Big compliment indeed!
      May be my writing has something to do with my degree on “Professional Creative Writing” 🙂 It has nothing to do with “gifts” etc. But thanks for the great compliment 🙂 Hugs.

  55. Outstanding! Donna is right, you know: the *gifted* part is in taking in all that good teaching that gives you the degree and then *using* it so delightfully as you do here. Granted, native talent isn’t much without the shaping of a great education and disciplined use, but all the education and discipline in the world can’t make a mediocre student into a star, either. 🙂 I loved this piece, and the combination of good story, piquant moral, and appetizing chutney make it a solid winner. Now I am satisfied with the read but hungry for chutney! 😉

    • Thank you for being so gracious! I’m touched 🙂
      Many thanks for stopping by and dropping some magic-words for me.

  56. Yum! Your mango chutney is so beautiful! I absolutely love the photos and I bet it tastes amazing! 🙂

  57. That sounds like a pretty horrible guy indeed Nusrat! But that mango chutney sure looks like heaven to me! Wonderful!

  58. Absolutely gorgeous photography! I love your recipes and hope to be able to make even just one of your dishes. So lovely. I look forward to following your blog. thank you so much for sharing. Really, so beautiful! Well done.

    • Thank you for your gracious, kind words, dear 🙂 I’m delighted to have you come by.
      Started following you too 🙂

  59. The color of your mango chutney is unreal, love it and your blog! Beautiful photos and stories, am lost in it:)

  60. What an absolutely delicious recipe . . . one of my favorites with your own personal twist! Love it and your photography is mesmerizing. Please post more recipes for all of us to enjoy in 2014! And thank you for stopping by my blog too! I appreciate your thoughts!

  61. আম জিনিস টা আমার এতই প্রিয়… যে কাটতে কাটতেই আমি খেয়ে ফেলি… এই মজার চাটনি আপনার বাসায় যেয়েই খেতে হবে 😀

    • চলে এসো 🙂 চাটনি তো বটেই আরও অনেক কিছু খানাদানা দিয়ে ধুমায়ে বাগানে পার্টি হবে, কেমন?

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