Symphony of Shrimp & Soup

That eighteen hour long journey chocked me like death ! Billions of nightmarish thoughts have been creeping across my heart for the last eighteen hours ! Pursuing higher education in an alien country where I have NOBODY was an ignorant, douche-like decision. (didn’t listen to Mom as I was adult enough to make all the horrible decisions I want). Now my over-zealous self will have to deal with a smelly 60 year old sailor dude who I’m going to be homestaying with for the next six months.

Hungry, paranoid, horrified, terrified with aloneness I finally landed in Australia in a bone crushingly chilly, rainy morning. My host, 60, white, grey bearded gentleman with a pair of glittering, kind eyes winked at me, smiled, picked me up and drove me home. He smells like ocean.

Soon after parking the car, he asked me to water his backyard garden. “But it’s raining”, I frowned speculating more upcoming weird, untimely orders.- “Well, fetch an umbrella and water the garden!”- serene brutality of his voice lured me instantly.

There were these gorgeous cute little heart-shaped slightly prickly skinned fruits all over the garden smiling at me. Perfect smile. Love at first sight ! Cloudy grief that choked my mind went away when I started picking Strawberries.


Strawberry-Spinach Salad

A breakfast doesn’t get any healthier, prettier. Freshly picked Strawberries and scattered baby Spinach just plucked from the garden!

He takes every bite solemnly, mindfully. “Eating is like praying”, he would say, “When you eat, you don’t stuff your body, you cleanse it.”- I  sensed, felt a beautiful, enigmatic, electric power running through my heart and soul. – “Did you know that you have a contagious smile?” – I joined the conversation which would continue for the next six months.


Dill basket

While taking a stroll around the house I quietly shed a few tears over my parents and friends who are now lightyears away. Moments later, my eyeballs popped out of sockets in disbelief when I found sun-kissed, gorgeous, vivacious, radiant, dazzling Dill blossoms at the front yard. I fell in love rightaway!





He served me sautéed shrimps for lunch. One bite and I immediately sensed that belongingness. Loneliness puffed away. Warm, perfectly tender, slightly sweet but spicy enough shrimps along with fresh veggies traveled down my throat. And a soul-deep joy swelled within my stomach.

.Shrimp veggies dill


Devein, clean, pat dry 1 lb jumbo shrimps (12-16 pcs).  Marinate them for 1o minutes with pinch of salt+pepper+crush red pepper, dash of olive oil, splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 tsp freshly chopped Dill. (Parsley/Thyme can be used instead.) Saute them in high heat for 3 minutes each side. Serve with your choice of salad/vegetable/rice.


Sauted Shrim pcopyrightNEW

Effortlessly plain, unscrewed-up simplicity. ...


We took a walk on the shore. I saw him hugging the sea and feeling the sky and how he let his soul & spirit fly.


I locked my eyes in the setting crimson sun and sipped into Tomato soup. For the first time in my life. Never imagined good old tomato could make such a wonderfully comforting, creamy, nutritious rendition! A little hint of heat, some pleasant touch of garlic, olive oil and the bright red hue of the soup took my breath away! How I adore the picture of the sailor-man putting warmth, light, happiness, hope, love, sweetness, charm into the soup pot !

* Cook for 20 minutes 4 large fresh, ripe, red tomatoes (cut in chunks) along with 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 small onion, 2 cloves of garlic, salt (as required), 1 tsp crushed red chilli flakes. Towards the end add 1 tsp sugar, if you like it sweet.

* Now blend the mixture. Sprinkle some crouton on top for a little crunch. Or go for healthier choice: toasted sunflower seeds, toasted chick-peas.

.Sauted Shrimp with fresh veggies.

He took care of me, fed me, and healed my daunted, haunted wounds on the very first day I set my lone-voyage. He was the one to keep my rocking boat steady on the troubled water.  And it’s because of him I was drawn to a lifelong affair with fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables.  Also, till today Arthur didn’t disclose my sweetest secret to anybody: how BIG of a crush I had on him from the moment our eyes met ♥

152 Comments on “Symphony of Shrimp & Soup

  1. WOW on so many levels. Shrimp is comfort food for me and anything green is life-giving in my book. Thanks for sharing your enthralling story. I love his quote, “Eating is like praying”, he would say, “When you eat, you don’t stuff your body, you cleanse it.”

  2. neat and beautiful platters.. just love the colors and composition.. even the porcelains are magic. I read somewhere, ‘you are, what you eat’ definitely its true.. bits of shrimps, spnichs, slices of raddish and lovely green soup, just superb.. in one word, its a masmarizing post. keep it up.. 🙂

  3. A beautifully written post. Poetic. Bravo!

    Shrimps are so sweet and comforting. Their vibrant and exhilarating flavor is worth a dozen hugs… Gorgeous food that uplifts the soul!

    I love those quotes.



  4. Love me some spinach-strawberry salad but I like to add a little toasted almonds with them 😀 Gorgeous pictures as always!

    • Many thanks for your kind compliment, dearie ! Thanks for stopping by and yes, toasted almonds sounds GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD 🙂

  5. Each & every word is shiningly beautiful! Loved the amazing & lively pictures ! Wish to meet u some day Suborna ..I really do.

    • Wish we could have a marathon hang-out ! So many giggles and catch-ups to do, darl 🙂 Many thanks for stopping by here. Love.

  6. I connect to this post on so many levels that it makes me grin. Being an international student who left home on a bout of naivete (some called it courage), I understand perfectly those moments of frustration, nostalgia, and doubt. Only you went out to the southest and eastest on the globe, while I landed in the northest and westest. I’ve always been more into eating than cooking, although I do enjoy my sudden fits of cooking and humming. But I’ve grown this recent love for fresh herbs. Dill, rosemary, the works… Shrimp and I go way back in our love affair (I’m not into fish, but shrimp and fish fillets are usually my friend).
    Reading this, I can clearly see your sailor, and naturally, fall a little in love.
    Okay and it’s about time you know that I have a crush on your food photography. You love fresh colors don’t you!

    • Aren’t you a poet yourself ! So lovely words ! So warm energies ! Thanks a billion for coming by, sweetheart 🙂 Hugs.

  7. As I stated for numerous times that you are an ARTIST, today I want to state something different, a more musical (not classical though) way to describe your art !
    Your dish specially the Shrimp and prawn dishes are like the grooviest bass-line of Pink Floyd’s out of the world addictive creations. They rocks like Iron Maiden’s harmonic guitar works and simply outstanding drum works of Slayer. In a nutshell your Symphony of Prawns is just like an awesome track of Tool.

    My Lady … You are an ARTISTA !!

  8. Gorgeous post, both the prose and the photos. And the food? Lovely flavors! Wonderful shrimp, and that spinach soup has huge, tremendous color! Really good stuff – thanks.

    • Your words are as powerful, kind, lovely as your dreamy beverages that you produce on a regular basis. How lucky I am to have you come by, dear John 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

    • I’m flattered to have your love, attention and presence, sweetheart 🙂 You inspire me BIG time and I can’t thank you enough for that 🙂 Hugs.

    • Happy to know that 🙂 Many thanks for taking time in checking out the colors, taste and sublime-thingy 🙂

  9. After seen all the dishes I fall in live with every single one, I really don’t want to touch anyone of them cause I am scared the art of beauty will runaway. But I will definitely try the Shrimp which is on is own and it’s ok if I finish the whole plate the beauty of art is less on the plate but again taste is there to finish all.

    • Happy to know that you’re inspired to try the shrimps 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment. Please stay in touch 🙂

    • Come on now ! I’m just a beginner; I have miles to go 🙂 Thanks a ton for popping over my blog, sweetheart. Hugs.

  10. I know that was a scary experience you pursued but look at you now! You are a beautiful writer and great cook and probably that would not have been possible if you did not take that big plunge into the unknown. Nothing tops fresh seafood and fresh herbs from the garden. Have a super weekend. BAM

    • Thank you for making my day with your kind, soft, inspiring, beautiful words 🙂 I’m supper ecstatic to have you on my silly blog. Hugs 🙂

  11. Your colourful and beautiful photographs always make me feel like being your neighbour. 🙂 Your recipes are easy to follow as well. Thank you!!

  12. Loved the post! I don’t know what happened to my previous post… But I will write it again:) Your writing touches my heart every time I read your posts and ur cooking has a delicious effect on my tummy and mind that makes me crave for the dish:)) you were lucky to get such a great companion in an alien place:) keep posting!

    • How sweet of you, dearie ! How effortlessly you made my day ! How may I thank you for all those lovely words of yours? 🙂

  13. What an amazing story teller you are, Nusrat! Beautifully done shrimp & perfect spinach soup. It’s the simple acts of courage that make us who we are! And see how amazing is the person “you are”!

    • Looks like you sprinkled some magic dust on my blog ! I feel blessed to have your presence here 🙂 Please stay in touch and keep on sending your love 🙂

  14. just had gone breathless for a while looking at it and your write up
    Simply wow!!

    ** Just a suggestion: your name must come over the food itself, thieves can easily edit, cut & paste and post them as theirs.

    • Putting my name right on the face of the food makes my picture look somewhat unpleasant 😦 But I appreciate your concern, Dev 🙂 Thanks a million for stopping by and dropping those warm words 🙂

  15. অসাধারন! যেমন রান্না, ডেকারেশন, তেমনি অসাধারন এই পোস্টের ভূমিকা। মোটেই রেসিপি পোস্টের মত একঘেয়ে নয়। খুব ভালো লাগলো।
    Dill কি মৌ্রী?

    • খুব খুব খুশি হয়েছি আপনার উপস্থিতিতে ! মন ভরিয়ে দিলেন এত সুন্দর করে প্রশংসা করে 🙂 ধন্যবাদ নিন। (ডিল মৌরী কি না জানি না। একটু খোঁজ করে জানাব আপনাকে, কেমন?) শুভেচ্ছা, ভালবাসা নিন।

      • হ্যা, দেখলাম এটা কাচা মৌ্রী/সপ। আমি পানের সাথে মৌ্রী ভাজা খাই। অনেক রান্নায় ভাজা মৌ্রী গুড়াও দেই। এখন থেকে টবে কিছু লাগাবো ভাবছি। 😀

      • পানের সাথে মৌরী ভাজা আমিও খেয়েছি ! বাসার টবে ফলন কেমন হলো জানিও 🙂

  16. Great Work , Loved to see such nice food photography

  17. simple and artistic are always best,all your dishes presents how simple stuffs can be precious.lov them.

  18. ”he asked me to water his backyard garden. “But it’s raining”, I frowned speculating more upcoming weird, untimely orders.- “Well, fetch an umbrella and water the garden!” — Ha Ha Ha. 😛

    Your writings and pictures are not just some texts or images, those are a bunch of great arts. And your story-telling is just incredibly stunning! And you are keep making richer your arts day by day!!!

    Just envy you! :/

    • How I love the way you envy me 🙂 Loads of love and thanks for those kind, lovely words, dearie. Please stay in touch.

  19. এতো রূপ,এতো রঙ,এতো সৌন্দর্য একসাথে দেখে চোখ-মন-প্রাণ জুড়োচ্ছে। কখন ঝাঁপিয়ে পড়বো এই ভেবে মন ব্যাকুল ❤

    • অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ তোমার ভাললাগা জানিয়ে যাবার জন্য 🙂 শুভেচ্ছা আর ভালবাসা নিও।

  20. I think we can relate on the same level in regards to leaving our family and friends back home, journeying into foreign lands. It’s baby steps all over again. Terrifying yet exciting for new adventures. You’ve summed it all up so well 🙂

    Love shrimp and spinach! And I need your green thumb to nurture my barren garden 😀

    • I would love to help you with your herb garden; in return would you please trade some photography related secrets with me? I’m the BIGGEST fan of your snaps, clicks and shots 🙂 Thanks a billion for dropping those touchy words, sweetheart 🙂

      • Awww, thanks so much sweetie. I would love to share anything related to photography and blogging. There’s no secret at all, let me assure you. I just need to know how are we going to ever exchange notes? Perhaps a post on photography? It’s been loooooong overdue on my part and I need to get on it ASAP 😀

      • Yes ! Yes ! Yes! A post on photography that is ! I wanna suck up all your hidden tricks and tips! I wanna know how the heck you produce those insanely great images!

  21. অদ্ভুত সব ছবি !!! চোখ জুড়িয়ে গেলো।
    তবে ব্লগ পোস্টে এর একটু ছোট ছবি পোস্ট করার চেষ্টা করো। লেখা স্ক্রল করে পড়া যায়….. কিন্তু একটা ছবিকেই স্ক্রল করে দেখতে ভালো লাগে না।

    • পরামর্শের জন্য অনেক ধন্যবাদ 🙂 সময় নিয়ে পোস্ট পড়ার জন্যও কৃতজ্ঞতা জানাই 🙂 শুভেচ্ছা।

  22. হা হা হা…। ফেইসবুকে আপনার চিংড়ি পরিবেশনার প্লেট নিয়ে অনেকে বলেছিল। আমারো এক কথা, চিংড়ি চাই না, প্লেট চাই! হা হা হা… ছবি গুলো দেখার মত হয়েছে। ফেইসবুকে ছোট ছবি দেখে এবং এখানে বড় ছবি দেখে বুঝতে পারলাম।

    আপনার Spinach soup এর রেসিপিটা নোটে তুলে নিলাম। আশা করি একদিন রান্না করে ফেলবো।


    • আপ্নাকেও শুভেচ্ছা আর ধন্যবাদ সুন্দর মন্তব্যের জন্য 🙂 কৃতজ্ঞতা নিন পোস্ট পড়ার জন্য 🙂

  23. Epic apu, apnar basai iftar krte aste hobe, keep up the good work, u r the best…..

  24. Shrimps and spinach! Love them both! They look so yummy! I will try your new recipes soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. Perfectly cooked shrimp should have a bursty, bouncy bite. You just created that! I can feel it in my mouth! 🙂
    You are as beautiful as accomplished my friend! Godspeed.

    • Every time you come around, you make my heart smile and dance 🙂 Thanks a ton for always being there for me, dear friend. Love.

  26. What a beautiful story Nusrat! And well, you already know I loved those shrimps.. 😉 I’m so gonna try these soon as they will fit perfectly into my new food regime.. 😉

    • How ecstatic and thrilled I am to have your compliment, dear Simone 🙂 Thanks a million for letting me know that you will try my recipe 🙂 Please stay in touch!

  27. I love the addition of potato in your spinach soup instead of using cream to thicken it. Look at that colour! It’s so beautiful. Love it!

    • Thanks a ton for loving the soup ! How happy I am to have a photograph-guru like you on my blog! Please stay in touch 🙂

  28. Love the creativity in your cooking style …. makes the food sparkle in the plate … creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found …. wonderful as always 🙂

    • Beautifully said 🙂 And that’s what I love about you. You are an INSPIRATION yourself 🙂
      Thanks for visiting.

      • I am delighted to know that … 🙂 thank you and happy to understand that you appreciate my work as well …

  29. আপু ছবিগুলো এতো সুন্দর! আর গল্পটা 😀 ❤ আমি অবশ্যই চিংড়িটা করবো। খুব সোজা মনে হলো।

    • OMG! You took Arthur’s name and I’m blushing !
      Thanks a ton, sweetheart, for visiting and dropping those kind, nice words on the way. Hugs 🙂

  30. I loved the 1st and the 3rd photo. The color of the soup looks enticing. But for a heavy eater like me, the shrimp plate will only serve as a pre-appetizer. 🙂

    • Come visit me. Providing you a truckload of shrimps would not be a big deal for me 😀
      Many thanks, dear, for your kind words 🙂

  31. What a lovely story. I think we are all guilty of not listening to our mothers and thinking we know best. It’s only when we have children of our own that we realise how knowledgeable and sensible and wise our mothers are! xx

  32. it feels really great to see these lovely pictures along with a wonderful piece of story….you are truly an awesome cook and amazing storyteller…. ❤ ❤

  33. Spectacular eulogy to a food recipe and none other than a foodie poetess could describe it as merrily as this….GOD bless u…. (Y)

  34. Oshadaron photography………… (y) ❤ ❤

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  36. What a lovely story shared with the food you were fed by this man who helped you learn the simple pleasures of life. Glad to meet you through Maureen’s blog and I hope try out one of your lovely recipes.

    • How sweet of you, Suzanne ! I’m thankful to your for those lovely words 🙂 Yes, it’s been a humbling experience to get featured on Maureen’s blog 🙂

  37. I’ve just popped over from The Orgasmic Chef to take a look at your beautiful blog. I love this post and your photos are wonderful. I’ll be back. GG

  38. “Eating is like praying”, he would say, “When you eat, you don’t stuff your body, you cleanse it.” — I adore this guy! Nusrat, this is such a beautiful story of your sweet life and the images are fabulous. It has been nice getting to know you through our comments — glad to see you highlighted on Maureen’s blog!

    • Thank you sweetheart for your kind words! You just made my day 🙂 Tons of love and hugs for coming by 🙂

  39. Hi Nusrat, I’ve been seeing your posts on FB and loving them. You are doing such fantastic work. I read a few of your blog posts and you write so well. Keep doing what you do :))

  40. Interesting story, lovely recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  41. I just found you through Maureen’s blog and absolutely love your story. 🙂 I came to Australia all by myself too, and it was an older gentleman who was my rock, guiding me through the healing I had to go through after severe trauma and abuse. He is now my husband and how I treasure him. 🙂 I’m so glad that you had such a good friend to help you through those lonely first days. 🙂

    • Wow! Quite a story ! Thanks a ton for sharing your story of joy and treasure 🙂
      Lovely to have you here, sweetheart 🙂

  42. You sure are a brave and gutsy person. Beautiful post and thoroughly enjoy your writing. Will be visiting often.

  43. Your guest post on Maureen’s blog (The Orgasmic Chef) prompted me to pay a visit here. What a pleasure to meet you! Your writing truly is a symphony — melodic & evocative — and your photos are brilliant grace notes. Thanks for this wonderful post!

    • Welcome, Kim ! How may I thank you for leaving such a beautiful, heart-felt comment? 🙂
      Sending you lots and lots of love. Please stay in touch.

  44. When I first came to the US I hopestayed with my American host family too. You have a beautiful way to share stories and I enjoyed your post, Nusrat! Love your photography and gorgeous dish!

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