Lentil Rice (Khichuri)

Stupid adrenaline junky  me always breaking rules ! Single girls in a Muslim majority country don’t usually go crazy to move out of their parents shelter and hometown at the age of 17; in pursuit of higher education especially. But I was crazy-head enough to do so. As soon as I hit 24, I moved to another continent – to the other end of the world knowing the fact that I don’t have any friends or relatives living there! ! Yes, the relationship status was still ‘SINGLE’.

First few tumulus, hustly-bustly seven days in the Alien-land went by in a tick  doing a lot of sight seeing and befriending exotic dudes :) I didn’t get a chance to miss my parents/sister/grandma. Why would I miss them? Those people choke me with their boatload of love ! It feels so good to break free from my parents’ supervision! The excitement of making an ‘un-interrupted expedition of my own’ is priceless!

All of a sudden, without any apparent valid reason, I broke down crying one day. I cried my lungs out. And my room got flooded with gallons and gallons of tears. Finally I figured, the reason of this heartache is ‘Lentil Rice AKA Khichuri’. Deep down I was tormenting over my split with Khichuri. Didn’t realize I was so truly, madly, deeply in love with that dish.

My crying accelerated and I almost had a heart attack thinking I won’t get to taste my favorite savory rice dish for the next 5 years ! (Haven’t you seen someone before crying over some soul food s/he grew up eating?!)

My craving went uncontrolled and I started exploring South Asian Restaurants around. No luck ! So that was about the damn time to get my priorities straight ! I learned cooking soothing-homey-beautiful amber colored fluffy rice mixed with lentil (dahl).

Like me, you have twenty millions reasons to give it a try:


khichuri copyright

You accidentally killed your worst enemy in your head? Feeling guilty now? My my ! That’s a pretty serious case! Khichuri and baked chicken might help you un-kill !



Just got out of a hellhole unharmed? Celebrate with Khichuri and fried chicken.



Had a pooptacular day? O my! You need some Khichuri along with fish fillets right-away.



Stress, stress, stress ! Make peace with your precious self. Take a look at the Peacemaker: Khichuri and fish fry.



Share Lentil rice with your neighbors. Make their jaw drop! You LOVE stardom, don’t you? :)


See Lentil Rice goes with pretty much anything and everything under any given circumstances ! Choices and options and possibilities are endless :)


1 cup yellow Mug or Moong Dal ( golden  gram)

1 cup rice

½  tsp turmeric powder

1 stick of Cinnamon

2 pods of cardamom

Salt to  taste 2 1/2 tbsp oil or ghee (clarified butter)


  1. Wash dal and rice together well. Soak for 15 minutes. Let the grains bloom. Drain.
  2. In a saucepan, add oil/ghee and throw cardamoms and cinnamon. Let them release their aroma. Now add rice and lentil. Fry for about 5 minutes. This ensures fluffy, non-sticky restaurant quality rice. Add salt and turmeric powder.  and 3  cups of boiling hot water.
  3. Bring it to a boil. cook uncovered in high heat until water almost evaporates.
  4. Turn the heat down. Cover. Let it cook for another 10 minutes in low heat. Fork through. Check the fluffiness.
  5. Serve hot with meat/fish/salad/eggs/veggies. Whatever tickles your fancy.



In those lonely, lousy, ‘single’, cold, sad, mad days and nights whenever you feel like you’re an Orangutan trapped in a doorless cage,  feed yourself some Khichuri and Kebab :)


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  1. Apu, I tried it with a little modification. A pinch of white pepper. It was good :D

  2. গুনীরা বলে গেছেন, ‘আগে দর্শনধারী পরে গুন বিচারী’ বা খাবার আগে মানুষ দেখে, তারপর খায়, আপনার রান্না আর তার ছবি পরিস্কার বলে এতে শ্রম আর মেধা ব্যয় হয়েছে। ছবিতে সুগন্ধ (জানা মতে এখনো ব্যবস্থা হয় নি) যদি থাকতো তাহলে আরেকটা ইন্দ্রিয় সুখী হতো। কিন্তু কপাল খারাপ দেখেই হায় হুতাশ করে যেতে হবে। ভাল থাকুন, আরো ভাল রান্না করুন, অবশ্যই ছবি তুলুন আর আমাদের ‘ইমোশনাল অত্যিয়াচার’ করুন।

    • অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ এখানে এসেছেন বলে :) সুন্দর, মন-ভরানো মন্তব্যের জন্যও ধন্যবাদ। (আপনি নিজেও তো তুখোড় রন্ধনশিল্পী) :)

  3. the recipe is simple and definitely i am going to try this yummy dish :D

  4. লোভনীয় খাবার !!
    আপনার সব গুলি ছবি দেখে লোভ লাগতেসে :P

    • সময় করে বাসায় এসো :) অনেক ধন্যবাদ পোস্ট পড়ার জন্য ।

  5. এই ভরদুপুরে খালি পেটে এগুলা আমি কি পরলাম!!! :(

  6. You are making me craving for khichuri now ……. :D

  7. যেদিন প্রথম আপনার এই ছবি গুলো দেখি সেই দিন থেকেই আমি প্রতিদিন অপেক্ষায় থাকি আপনি কখন নতুন কিছু দিচ্ছেন।এখন আর আপানর ছবিতে কমেন্ট করি না কারন আমার মনে হয় আমি যাই বলব সেটা হয়ত অনেক কম বলা হবে।

    • ইশ এই মেয়েটা কী সুন্দর করে কথা বলে :) অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ সময় নিয়ে পোস্ট পড়েছ আর ছবি দেখেছ বলে। শুভেচ্ছা।

  8. A fabulous recipe and flavor combination! This tasty rice dish is mouthwatering. You’ve just made me hungry…



    • The name of this dish makes me hungry even when I’m totally full :) I know I sound crazy. But I’m crazy about Lentil Rice. Great to know that our feelings are mutual :)

  9. They look more of art works of an iconic artist than a the delicious meals of a master chef! Simply gorgeous(though I”m not sure whether gorgeous goes with food or not; I wish it did cause no other adjectives describe them better!)

  10. Unbelievable, excellent . Simply love it and appreciate your dressings karisma.

  11. so tempting.. I am dying for DIYing !!! but where is the kebab recipe !!! I am the orangutan ;)

      • you are so generous !!! being a bit greedy !!! so I asked for more !!! ;) kothay bole na boshte dile shuite chay !!! a perfect example !!! :P :D

  12. Fabulous display of foods! Looks delicious and yummy as well!First one looks more like a Mexican dish though :P

    • Thank God you didn’t certify me as “Bad-ass”. Cause I’m not :)
      Thank you so very much for visiting and leaving this lovely comment. Have a rockin’ day, sweety :)

  13. Lovely are these images which haven’t taken much time to make my mouth watered. And I must appreciate your write-up too! By any chance, have I read in Bangla before? Vegetable.

  14. Every single pictures are looking so charming..Your decoration are delicate and total presentation are so attractive that melting heart automatically…:-)…Hope , It touches people’s feelings by tasting…:-D …Please keep up your good works…Hoping for your best…

    • How sweet and kind and nice of you, mah Darling :) Thank you so very much for thinking so highly of me. Love.

  15. I lived in the south for 10 years and though not a native to that part of the US, I became deeply entrenched in everything southern so moving to Colorado was a culture shock. The thing I missed most? Grits. Buttery, warm grits. Took me a bit to realize I could in fact make some but even that was hard; Colorado is not grits land and their products to make them were lacking…but I persevered and once again those soothing simple grits became a part of the occasional breakfast here. So I know how you felt!

    I just went to an Afghan restaurant with friends last weekend and am in the mood for kebabs…I so want to try and recreate your dish but one big question…where would I find Moong Dal. We have a Korean market that has all things Asian and an Indian market I just discovered. Would one of those be a good place to start?

    • Hey, Thanks a lot for sharing your bit of story. And thanks for for taking interest in trying my proposed dish :) Yes, Indian/Asian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan groceries offer Mug/Moong dal. You can substitute that with Pink Lentil which is called “Moshur dal”. Finished product’s texture and taste would be different though :)
      Let me know how the shopping went :) Hugs.

  16. Oh, these pictures are so brilliant, so mesmerizing!!
    And I enjoyed reading the piece too. During my master’s and PhD years abroad, I used to miss khichuri immensely. Then, I took recipes from my mom over phone, and learnt how to cook this delectable thing. But of course I’m still not an expert. I just returned home, only seven days ago, and already ate khichuri twice :-) After seeing these pictures, I know I would want to eat khichuri again in weeks to come :-) Many thanks for posting this lovely piece, and these wonderful photos.

    • Aren’t you the kindest, sweetest thing in the world ! Loved your story and how you handled that disastrous craving :)
      Thank you so very much for your time here. Love.

  17. asusual, mouthwatering images (y) . thank you for sharing with us such these attractive images and a sweet and sour story. bytheway, the word ”Lens” came from the word Lentil!!!!!

  18. ছবিগুলোও বেশ উজ্জ্বল আর দারুণ ! খাবার না খেয়েও ছবি দেখেই মন-প্রাণ ভরে যায়।

    • ভাল লাগা জানিয়ে যাবার জন্য অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ। শুভেচ্ছা।

  19. Suborna’s culinary style, like so many people’s, was created by those who scorned industrialized food; culinary Luddites, we could call them, after the 19th-century English workers who abhorred the machines that were destroying their way of life. Suborna learned to cook from her grandma, who urged her to sweep her cupboards “clean for ever of the cluttering debris of commercial sauce bottles and all synthetic aids to flavoring.
    She rushes to the book shop to pick up Bangla cookbook with its promise to teach her to “savor a world of authentic South Asian cuisine.”

    Culinary Luddism has come to involve more than just taste, however; it has also presented itself as a moral and political crusade—and it is here that Suborna begins to back off. The reason is not far to seek: because She is an authentic culinary crusader for creation of Bangali delicacies.

    As a genuine culinary artisan, Suborna cannot accept the account of the past implied by this movement: the sunny, rural days of yore contrasted with the gray industrial present. It gains credence not from scholarship but from evocative dichotomies: fresh and natural versus processed and preserved; local versus global; slow versus fast; artisanal and traditional versus urban and industrial; healthful versus health hazardous!
    Khichri, with its brilliant photographic presentation displays her utmost creativity, where Big Mac will blush!

    Godspeed Suborna! You will go a long way as a Culinary Star, In sha Allah!

    • You simply made my day, filled my heart. I have no words to thank you for this incredible comment of yours. I’m blessed to have YOU in my friend circle. Love.

  20. I absolutely LOVE kichidi! There is something about the combination of rice and lentils that is so comforting! In fact that what I’m having for lunch today. Kichidi with chaas (a salty yogurt drink)! Your version looks fantastic. :)

  21. ato gulo oshadharon manush tader equally oshadharon montobbo die tomake shob bole dilo …damnnnn girl ami akhon ki boli :(…Nusi u know i love u even we never met…u r my soul sista girl…the mighty majestic Khichuri is a grand of all grand queen…n u made her look sooooo maar dala type hottyy ummm ummm…n ur description …well i can relate to every word of it cause i too break free from my cocoon in a early age n at times of lonely,self created deprivation or the headless chicken faze of time i do crave for this soul food… so we all r the damn slave of her majesty The Khichuri…love u love ..God bless. <3

    • Well said, Sista, “We are the slave of her Majesty The Khichuri” :D Love you too. And thanks for making me smile with your gorgeous presence :)

  22. English people say “NO COLOR NO FLAVOR.AND AN STUNNING PRESENTATION CAN BRING YOUR WISH TO EAT” so simply its stunning

  23. OMG I never knew “Khichuri” is such a mighty dish itself! Well, I was never a foodie myself, but I am an outright fan of your awesome heart touching write-ups, so real and so true they are!! Photos are breathtaking, as usual :)

    Excellent piece of Art :)

    • You’re always a lil too kind and sweet in making comments for me. Love your lovely words :) Many thanks for coming by. Hugs.

  24. Thanks so much for stopping by my website so I could find your delicious website. Your Khichuri is so vibrant yellow and beautiful as so is your photography. Looking forward to staying in touch. Take Care, BAM

    • We sure would stay in touch. I have long been following your blog like a stalker :) And I’m happy to have you come by. Love.

    • Our Moms are the true artists. I’m just humbly replicating their recipes :) Thanks a lot for popping over, darl :) Love.

  25. You and I are alike, Nusrat, in that we both moved away from home and missed Mom’s cooking. You did as I did. You learned to cook them for yourself. Granted, there’s nothing like being served one of Mom’s meals but, when you live far away, cooking the dish for yourself is the next best thing. This dish sounds really tasty and you’ve photographed it so very well. I can see I need to find some Moong Dal. :)

    • You sure do need some Moong Dal ASAP ! Loved your move-out story and thanks for sharing that :)
      Thanks a million for coming by and leaving your comforting words for me. I’m touched. And inspired :)

  26. আপু, চোখ জ্বলজ্বল করছে। :D
    আমি খিচুড়ি রান্না করতে গেলে কেনো জানি বিন্নি চালের ভাতের মতো একটার গায়ে আরেকটা লেগে থাকে, ঝরঝরা হয় না :(

    • ভাত/খিচুড়ি ঝরঝরে হবার উপায় কিন্তু রেসিপিতে বলে দিয়েছি। এর জন্য হাজার বছরের প্র্যাকটিস লাগে। …কিডিং :) করতে করতে দেখবে আয়ত্বে এসে গেছে। (পোস্ট পড়ার জন্য অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ আর শুভেচ্ছা নিও, সোনা )

      • কালকে থেকে প্র্যাকটিসে নেমে পড়বো :D

  27. simply awesome!! i love lentil rice more than anything !! your foodography !! *ucking awesome!! :)

  28. I drooled over your kitcheri as I steered down. Lovely photos.
    And now nearing to a evening here I’m craving for it.
    Must’ve at today’s dinner… & as well it had rained.
    Thanks of the inspiration. :) <3

  29. Apuuu i know i can cook but i wish i can hold my camera like you…you are awesomeeeeee :D #JealousME

    • Thanks for liking my camera-holding expertise ! I’m just a learner though.
      Many thanks for stopping by, sweety :)

  30. ইস আপু! এতো সুন্দর করে সাজাও কি করে? রান্না করতে পারলেও এমন ডেকোরেশন হবে না মনে হয়!!

    • হবে রে। চেষ্টা থাকলে সব হয়। অনেক ধন্যবাদ মন্তব্যের জন্য। শুভেচ্ছা :)

  31. মজার মজার রান্না আর জিভে জল, উফফফ কবে যে আপনার হাতে খেয়ে কলিজা জুরাব, অপেক্ষার প্রহর গুনছি

  32. I simply loved all the pictures, I have a passionate love affair with Khichuri already and your pictures only intensified it. Great work..fabulous.

    • Man ! You too ! Great to find another die-hard fan of khichuri :) Thank you so much for your kind, lovely compliment :)

  33. Your Khichuri looks so tempting!!! And, as usual all photos are simply awesome! In my version of khichuri, I add 1 tsp home made garam masala ;-)

  34. I’m not familiar with this rice dish but it looks and sounds very, very good. I’m glad you found something to comfort you and remind you of your family back home xx

    • Happy to know that my Khichuri sounded and looked good to you :) Try it and you won’t forget the warmth that it has to offer. Thanks a bunch for your lovely comment, dearie. Love.

  35. This Khichudi is nothing like any Khichudi I have eaten so far. If you need an analogy, Khichudis I ate so far are like movie extras…this looks like Megan Fox. Sexy, slender, polished. I wish there was a way to taste food online, so I could tell if it can act like Helen Mirren as well! :P

    But joking aside, your blog entries are being consistently excellent.The contents, recipe, composition and photos, all working together to make it a work of art. So good that, this may be time for you to move to the next level. I think, it is time to share, let me rephrase, it is time to help others who would like to decorate the food like you. Write blog about how to make the food look irresistible, most specially foods that we are used to at home. You are doing an excellent work by yourself , but with your tips and guidance, many more will be interested in an area, which our best cooks do not have luxury to focus on….the ladies at home, our mother, wife. This will sprout creativity among them, and will make them feel more confident about their food. Best thing is, you can write it in Bangla, which no other book on food decoration can provide.

    Just my two cents…By the way, good thing there is no virtual eating of these foods….you had to keep on reposting as we would eat all photos! :P

    • You blew me away ! Love the way you always make my day a shiny one :)
      Your ‘idea/proposal’ sounds flattering but I think I am not up for that yet. I have miles to go.
      Thanks a billion for all those lovely words. You are such a generous soul to have around. And I’m blessed to have your compliments :) Love.

      • Well, if not a full fledged blog, you can start by saying the behind the scenes action you had to do to make some of the food look so sexy and yummy! :) I know, you are a magician, who doesn’t want to show her up her sleeves, but when you’ll see your shared ideas are bringing out more creativity in people, specially from the bunch you never expected from, it will make you feel happy and proud. :)

  36. There was a time in my life when I used to travel a LOT and sometimes after sitting on the flight for several hours and finally reaching home at 3 in the morning with a back pain and sore eyes, I would make khichuri, eat and then go to bed :)

    • Such powerful influence Khichuri has on our life :) Thanks for sharing your bit, sweety. Love. Stay in touch.

  37. মানুষের জিভের জল এভাবে ঝরানো ঠিক না সুন্দরী :(

  38. প্রতেক টা ছবি ই অনবদ্য আপু!!! :D নতুন করে আর কি বলব। আপু আপনার কি চেরী টমেটো আর এই হার্ব গুলোর গাছ আছে??? দেখে মনে হয় এক্ষুণি আপনার কিচেন গার্ডেন থেকে তুলে এনে ডেকোরেট করে ছবি তুল্লেন :)

    • ছোট্ট একটা হার্ব বাগান আছে। তবে টমেটো নেই। সময় নিয়ে লেখাটি পড়েছ বলে অজস্র ধন্যবাদ জানাই, সোনা :)

  39. I gotta try this – it looks so excellent, and I’ll bet the flavor is awesome. Easy to make, too, which is always nice. Really super food styling in the photos – fun to look at. Thanks so much.

  40. The more I see your delicious recipes, the hungrier I get………… :-)

  41. It’s obviously a dish that is very dear to your heart, and it looks delicious too!

  42. A picture is worth a thousand words, and yours takes me back home, eating delicious meals that simply can not be replicated any where else. Thanks lots for the trip :) And for awakening my taste buds! I’m practically salivating looking at the colorful and stunning pictures you’ve taken!

  43. Thanks for the recipe and such an entertaining writing style too. Your food is very beautiful. I’ve made rice with turmeric and some spices before but never thought of adding lentils. It seems like the absolute perfect side dish :)

  44. দৃষ্টিনন্দন তো নিশ্চয়ই, মনভঞ্জন ও বটে। যুগ যুগ ‘জীও’ খিচুড়ি ও সুবর্ণলতা।

    • অনেক ধন্যবাদ, বনলতা ! এত সুন্দর করে বলতে পার তুমি ! শুভেচ্ছা :)

  45. True, the excitement died within few weeks of landing in the alien country and I started craving for Mom made food. And right now that bowl of lentil rice and chicken has quadrupled my hunger.

  46. This is a fantastic post! Laughed at the “pooptacular” day–yes, we all have those. Great recipe and I love that it’s good for all occasions, moods, etc. :-)

  47. I can’t imagine going that far on my own. You have real courage and it’s probably because you ate lentil rice :)

  48. What a lovely story to share. You are a strong woman! That food, family, homeland connection is universal. Food really is an expression of just that: family, community and closeness. This being said, Friday I stopped into my favorite Indian market to pick up some cardamom pods, thought of this post and picked up Moong Dal. Guess what I had for dinner ! . . .

    Congratulations on the Looking Good Blog award. Keep going !

    • Thanks a billion for your BEAUTIFUL words :) And I’m happy to know that you had ‘Khichuri’ lately which puts us in the same league :D
      Please stay in touch. Hugs. Peace. Sunshine.

    • I’d be visiting your blog no matter what ! I adore your Colombian recipes :) Who wouldn’t ?

      Thanks and hugs :)

  49. Khichri is the ‘once in a while’ dish in our house which gets made usually when someone’s sick and they need to regain their strength! Needless to say, although only one person is sick, the whole household empties the khichri pot! :D

    Again, great pictures and what a wonderful fun narrative! ^^

  50. Great style, writing, and photography! One note about khichdi: it is a STICKY rice and lentil dish– at least in India. It is not like a pulao, biryani, or any other variety of fried rice where each grain is fluffy and separate. Khichdi is a sticky and soft comfort food.

    • Thanks a bunch for visiting, Smriti :) Loved your input about Indian Khichuri. But in Bangladesh, we have both types of Khichuri: Fluffy one and sticky one :)

      Stay in touch. Hugs.

  51. That shashlik looks very tender and yummy . I had made the similar on May . I have no idea how on earth you get the same idea as me . Have invented any idea stealing machine !!!!!!! lolz

  52. Came upon this recipe by chance … Love the pics.. Loved the write up.. Having a lousy day, just reading ur story and seeing the amazing pics made me smile, happy and thinking about my favorite food :)

    • Hey Avika ! Great to know about one more Khichri lover ! Great to see you here :) Please stay in touch. Love.

    • Thank you very much for your kind, lovely compliment sweetheart :) I’m happy that you took time in reading the post :)

  53. যাক! গ্যালন গ্যালন অশ্রু বিসর্জন দিয়ে হলেও তুমি খিচুড়ি রান্না শিখেছো। :p
    আমিও ভিষন ভাবে খিচুড়ি পাগল। যদি দেখি আকাশ একটু মেঘলা, ব্যাস! অমনি আমার খিচুড়ি খাওয়ার ইচ্ছেটা চাগান দিয়ে ওঠে।
    শুধু পেঁয়াজ, কাঁচামরিচ হলেই হবে। খিচুড়ির সাথে ডিম ভাজা! আহ! আর কি লাগে বলো?
    কিন্তু আমার কুম্ভকর্ন তেমন পছন্দ করেন না বলেই কত কত ঝুম বৃষ্টিতে খিচুড়ির বিরহে মনে মনে আমিও তোমার মত গ্যালন গ্যালন অশ্রু বিসর্জন দেই। :(
    তোমার সংগী নিশ্চয় তোমার প্রিয় খিচুড়ি ভালোবাসে?

    অনেক অনেক আদর, ও ভালোবাসা।

    • তোমাকেও আদর ও ভালবাসা ঃ) কী সুন্দর করে কথা বল তুমি! অজস্র ধন্যবাদ !

  54. That looks gorgeous Nusrat! I was not so fortunate to have grown up with dishes like this and we didn’t really have any soul food (my mum was a horrible cook!) but I can totally imagine you would miss this when moving over to another country. Thankfully there is always cooking!

    • Thanks a bunch for making me day with your kind words :) Your presence on my blog means a lot, your highness :)

  55. Your place must create a beautiful aroma that floats through your neighborhood. I wouldn’t be surprised if your neighbors are knocking on your door to sample your tasty dishes! This dish looks so inviting. Good job.

    • I always cook outdoor so yes, neighbors get to know when I’m in action ! :)

      Thanks a ton for your sweet, kind, inspiring comment. Love.

  56. I love rice with dahl – this sounds like a wonderful dish :) I just came across from your guest post on Maureen’s blog, it’s great to meet you!

    • Marinate boneless chicken cubes/pieces with olive oil, yogurt, garlic paste, ginger paste, salt, lemon juice, rosemary/oregano/parsley/thyme for an hour. Stick them in a wooden/metal skewer and grill covered until the meat looks tender. You can shalow-fry the skewers too on a frypan :)

      Many thanks for visiting, dear Mehnaj :)

      • Thank u apu…. Apnar recipe gula onek easy just love it… Specially ur shrimp recipes… Ami sob gula try korsi :) thank u once again…

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